Why Food Scraps Composting?

Food scraps recovery has recently been called the final frontier of the recycling effort, and potentially the most important. Finding a virtually odorless, pest-free, and sustainable alternative for food scraps management is at the forefront of the green movement.


The Current System Is Not Sustainable


The Problem

Food scraps management is a critical, and often overlooked, part of today’s sustainability movement. According to a 2011 EPA study:

  • Americans generated approximately 36 million tons of food scraps
  • Only 4 percent of these food scraps were recovered through composting efforts
  • This means that in 2010 roughly 32 million tons of food scraps ended up in landfills and incinerators

This is not only a financial issue but a serious environmental concern as well.

Our Solution

The FOR Solutions aerobic in-vessel rotary drum digester is the sustainable answer to the food scraps management issue facing many industries. By composting food scraps, institutions:

  • Save money in hauling and tipping fees
  • Create new revenue opportunities
  • Epitomize sustainability
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Restore vital nutrients to the soil

This is the sustainable alternative to landfilling and incineration that allows us to close the food-recycling loop.



The Difference

Aerobic in-vessel rotary drum digestion takes nature’s process and provides an optimal environment and conditions to help accelerate the process. The difference is that the FOR Solutions system is:

  • Clean and efficient
  • Safe and economical
  • Virtually odor-free and pest-free

With patented technology that produces high-quality, nutrient-dense organic compost in just five days, the FOR Solutions system is changing the way people are viewing food scraps.


When used as a soil-amendment, FOR Solutions’ high-quality, nutrient-dense organic compost has been scientifically shown to improve dramatically the quality and quantity of crops grown. This organic compost is:

  • Ready in only five days
  • Nutrient-dense
  • Immediately ready to use

With a measurable Return on Investment and Return on Environment, the FOR Solutions system is truly the sustainable solution.


 Food scraps recovery is the last big question of the recycling effort. Food scraps composting is the answer.