A university
installation just
yards from student
dorms and dining.

Helping a Large Mid-Atlantic University’s Sustainability Program

A large university located in the Mid-Atlantic wanted to find a solution to manage the food scraps produced by its dining halls and food courts that was environmentally friendly, sustainable, and cost-effective. The FOR Solutions Model 1000 provided the solution it was seeking.

Unlike many composting systems, the FOR Solutions system emits virtually no odor, nor does it attract unwanted pests typically associated with food composting. As proof, the system is located approximately 100 yards from the university’s dorms, dining halls, student center, and beach volleyball court.

The university has seen remarkable results from the FOR Solutions system, which is currently the centerpiece of its sustainability program. The system has attracted a large number of student volunteers to work on the composting project and has been a very-effective part of the sustainability curriculum at the university.

The high-quality, nutrient-dense compost that is produced is used throughout the campus landscaping as well as a 6-acre farm associated with the university. The produce harvested from the farm is served in the dining halls as well as the four-star, farm-to-table restaurant located on the campus.

Over the past year our system has:

  • Processed more than 350,000 lbs. of food scraps
  • Saved the university approximately $25,000 in trash hauling fees
  • Provided a high-quality, nutrient-dense compost that has been used campus-wide in landscaping and on an associated farm with exceptional results
  • Produced approximately 245,000 lbs. of high-quality, nutrient-dense compost with a market value of approximately $7,300

pounds of food
scraps in one year

saved annually in
hauling fees

compost market value


“Lawn areas where we have incorporated FOR Solutions’ compost exhibit a noticeably darker green color even through drought-type conditions. The compost’s moisture retention ability has also significantly reduced our watering requirements.”


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How could we help your industry cut costs, increase efficiency, and decrease your carbon footprint?

Economic considerations are as important as environmental responsibility. That is why an ROI/ROE (Return on Investment/Return on Environment) report is critical. This report is customized to personalized circumstances. The ROI section of the report calculates your exact costs and your anticipated savings by installing a FOR Solutions system while the ROE portion estimates the resultant reduction in the carbon footprint by processing food scraps on-site.